Couple Inanimate Transformations

Second Post

Alrighty so as you can see, I tend to like captions that provide a little back story and can ramble some times. I hope to shorten them up a bit in the future. The font in the first one also looked a tad too small. Plus this is a much better way to post captions.

First Captions

In light of the recent shut-down of tf-Media, I thought I would start my own transformation caption site. I have always been disappointed with the lack of animal transformations there are on caption¬† sites so I plan on posting several of those. I have many fetishes and therefore chose not to concentrate on any one transformation scenario, but instead I plan on uploading any caption fetish that I can think of. I like animal transformations, inanimate transformations, as well as magic transgender. One of my favorite scenarios in the Great Shift.¬† I won’t make any promises as to how often I will update because I know that those kind of schedules are hard to keep.

-Here are three captions that kind of summarize the kind of posts I plan on uploading here