Cheer Camp

I’m back (sort of)

Still not really back, but I did make a few captions to upload. I should also have a few more tomorrow, but after that I will probably fall silent for another week and a half.

Someone commented about a car transformation caption and it intrigued me so I decided to try one:

out for a while

OK, so I first want to thank everyone who has been so supportive in my first few weeks of having a caption blog.
I can imagine that over the last several days some people have been wondering where I have been since I haven’t uploaded any new captions. I want to first say that I am not shutting down fetishcaptions. I actually just graduated from college and decided to go backpacking across Europe for a month and a half before I start graduate school next year. I am in Ireland now and this is the first hostel I have been in that has wifi. I only have my tablet PC to check mail and stuff so I won’t be able to make any new captions for a while. I promise that if you all bear with me I will start uploading captions again and answering requests when I get back.

New Piercing

Favorite Pants

First Request Caption for Cody

Here is my take on your request:

New Things

Thanks to the recommendations by “gugubu” I have added a request section as well as a contact e-mail in my “about” section. Feel free to make any caption requests you want me to make and I will try to get to them.

Out of the way

TG caption

This is an idea I have had for a while. I know it is a little more serious than most captions out there and reads more like a story but let me know what you think.